Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Challenges as we grow in support!

     I was needing a little inspiration to get me fired up for this years tour and had know idea it would come all the way from Washington DC. Since I had recently retired from the fire department in Glendale AZ, I had all the time in the World to go out on tour.
    You would probably think that was a good thing but my personality needs some conflict to get the juices flowing. I would always have to arrange my days off, either from vacation days of shift trades. My Fire Chief had given me a major insubordination and written me up for my efforts, so of course the Department didn't support me!
    We have toured about 70,000 miles and visited about 200 communities in the last four years to bring a program everywhere we visit to help these communities get out and support their own people. We just put our women first like we all should in their battle against cancer. People helping people, creating a brand based on Love and Selflessness. We started with the fire service and now have included every tax based group.
    The Firefighters across the Country have adopted our "Cares Enough to Wear Pink" program due to our work and started to raise money and keep all the proceeds for the very people they serve on a daily bases in their own community. Now that we've all united for the same goal, their National leaders are asking them to give the money to one National Organization.
    We are loosing jobs, we can't keep supporting large Corporate Charities with our Labor of Love. Money is being raised and leaving our communities with a large portion of it going to salaries outside our zip codes. I am not saying that these groups don't provide a great benefit to us, but let Corporate donors keep the Corporate Charities alive with large donations and let the people create a brand to help the people. What if Cities collectively did walks and runs, fundraisers year round that helped the very people in their communities with the burden due to cancer, focusing on our women (the glue to our communities.) What if all the local business's agreed to keep all their fundraising dollars local, we then in turn would spend our hard earned dollars purchasing their goods and services. We would rebuild our communities based on Love, we would create more jobs and relieve some of the stress due to unforeseen expenses due to cancer and other health related issues.
    We are the stone cutters building the Pyramids and there are too many pharaohs (Rulers, Dictators) looking down on us stealing our labor of Love. Our Brand is bringing them down to help us move a few stones, reminding them that without us, there's no need for them. Pink Heals!

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