Thursday, July 9, 2009

Karen, Heather and Elaine

We have decided to name the pink fire trucks as we assemble them after women who've had a profound affect on our organization. There is NO vote or lucky winner, it just feels right to name these trucks after these wonderful women. Karen Hechler who is the lady that wrote a $13,000 dollar check to us, so that we could go out and buy our first fire truck. That truck made it across the country, touched thousands of lives, inspired thousands of people to go out and help women and organizations that help women in their fight against cancer. Karen is currently battling lung cancer and came by to say hi at the fire station the other day. Heather Zatar a fire fighter in Vernon Arizona area is one of our biggest supporters, she has donated money to our non-profit every month for over a year. Heather has been directly affected by cancer any many ways and has committed herself to helping our non-profit. Elaine Scruggs is the Mayor of Glendale Arizona and recently was diagnosed with breast cancer. When I first came up with the idea to inspire people across the Country to honor our women by wearing pink, she was one of the first people of leadership to give me the thing I need most, a big thumbs up and a pat on the back. Knowing me I would have done the tour anyway but for her to see how this could help so many shows her true leadership ability. So "Karen", "Heather" and "Elaine" will go out on tour this year and when we come to your City, please sign your name to them if you've been affected by cancer. A picture of all three, Elaine is the only one not painted pink yet.


Rachel said...

That's AWESOME!! Looking forward to seeing you in September in Wentzville MO !!

fdff20 said...


Can't wait to see all three trucks in New Jersey on Oct 2 & 3rd! Keep up the great work!!!!

Erica Patrick