Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Making events is our top priority

Two sisters, one celebrating a birthday and using the party to raise money for a breast cancer organization that is building a medical center, the inspiration on behalf of her mother who is a survivor. We are so lucky to have been invited to be a part of this event and we look forward to having them as friends for a long time.
Bethany Learning Center asked us to come by and show off the truck to all the preschoolers and teachers for a few hours.

We also spent the day at the three day event on Sunday to cheer on the walkers, it was good to see so many walkers that have already signed our truck. We also saw ladies wearing our pink heals shirts and even found time to stop and let a few hundred walkers sign the truck.

Please understand that we will visit any group that is supporting a women who is going through cancer and we are FREE. We believe in Karma and we believe that this fight is way to big to close our doors to other organizations, just to save a few dollars. Cancer is the biggest bully of them all and we need to come together to fight it, that means more of us who haven't been affected, need to step up and lead the way. Men speaking on behalf of our women, wearing their color. (pink) Leaders who are men standing in the front showing that they care just by wearing pink, eventually marching on their behalf because it is in our nature as men to take care of our women. When this happens on a National scale people will take notice and you will see things get accomplished, "I can feel it"

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